Texture depth index

The adherence between tire-pavement is a fundamental safety factor in the road circulation. In order to measure this parameter several assays were developed to evaluate the pavement texture.

CONSULPAV performs two of the most predominant assay to evaluate de macro-texture:

1. Continuous and rapid assay, resorting to laser beans;

2. Sand cone punctual assay.

Continuous assay resorting to a laser

The laser equipment used by CONSULPAV to measure the International Roughness Index (IRI) is also used to measure the pavement surface macro-texture, giving the equipment multifunction designation.

The Texture depth values obtained with the Laser Profiler System were compared with sand cone results values, gathered in a campaign on Madeira Island by CONSULPAV. The correlation between Laser Profiler System and the Sand Cone is equal to 1.

Sand Cone

The sand cone assay consists in spreading a known sand volume, with standard grading, using a steel roller with a rubber coat. The volume divided by the “spot” medium area formed by the spreading, gives the sand thickness. The results are defined through the medium sand thickness in the following conditions: fine, medium and course.