Friction measuring

When it is used a road shall not constitute an unacceptable risk for accidents like skidding, falling over, collision etc. There is a need to establish if a road has a road surface that approved vehicles can traffic safely.

CONSULPAV works with the Airport Surface Friction Tester (ASFT) T-10 Trailer Road Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME). ASFT T-10Trailer Road CFME is covered in the recent ISO IS 8349 standard for road friction measurement developed by ISO subcommittee TC22/SC9 working group WG3.

The T-10 Trailer also has a coil suspension system that will allow it to measure in high speeds without bouncing or jackknifing.

In 1993 the PIARC committee for road surface characteristics carried out a large International correlation experiment called the ”International PIARC Experiment to Compare and Harmonize Texture and Skid resistance Measurements”. ASFT CFME correlates to BritishPendulum & Scrim at three different target speeds 30, 60, and 90 km/h.