Density and moister content in field

CONSULPAV determine density and moister content ‘in-situ’ with two assays:

• Nuclear device;

• Sand cone.

Nuclear device (Troxler)

A nuclear device is used to determine the field density and moister content ‘in-situ’ of the subgrade. The device is a Troxler, model 3450 RoadReaderTM Plus. With this equipment it’s possible to perform the assay considering radiations refraction on the pit’s walls, once the option is selected. On each pit three measurements are made: at the surface, at 5 cm and 10 cm depth.

Sand Cone

The sand cone assay is performed in field on the granular layer and the subgrade. The assay is performed with a 10 cm diameter cone for soils, and 20 cm for the cruch stone.