Study on the Reduction of the Viscosity of Asphalt Rubber

Authors: Pengyun Cao, Shifeng Wang, Jinliang Li



It is profound to reduce the viscosity of asphalt rubber (AR) at high temperature for easy processing, transportation and application. The effects of several additives at two typical blending temperatures (175 ℃, 190 ℃) on the viscosity and the softening point of AR were investigated. The results showed that, the viscosity and the softening point of AR were obviously decreased after being mixed at 190 ℃ for 45minutes, compared to those mixed at 175 ℃. Wax with high melting temperature (Tm) decreased the viscosity of AR, but increased the softening point. Reactive agent could efficiently decrease the viscosity of AR, therefore, it can be used to decrease the blending temperature.

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