Rheological Behavior of Asphalts with Crumb Rubber and other Modifiers

Authors: Gilberto Martínez, Bernardo Caicedo, David González, Libardo Celis



The aim of this study was to find a reliable methodology to modify Colombian asphalt binder, adding crumb rubber through the Wet process. The rheological characterization was carried out after the accomplishment of the Superpave aging methods; rolling thin film oven–RTFO, and Pressure aging vessel-PAV. The behavior was compared
with modified asphalt binders with polymers such as: Styrene Butadiene Rubber-SBR, Styrene Butadiene Styrene-SBS. The asphalt binders studied were Colombian asphalt: Barrancabermeja (Barranca) 70-90 pen and, Apiay 60-70 pen. In order to determine the rheological properties a Dynamic shear rheometer-DSR and a rotational viscometer-RV were used. The asphalt binders Barranca 70-90 and Apiay 60-70 were studied analyzing the rubber addition content, the reaction time and the mixing temperature.

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