Evaluation of Asphalt Rubber Overlay Test Sections on Dobbins Road, Phoenix in the last 15 Years

Authors: Equbalali H. Charania, P.E., Ph.D., Joe Cano, P.E.



City of Phoenix developed and pioneered the extensive use of asphalt rubber hot mix to maintain City’s 5,000 miles(8,050 km) of streets. Initially asphalt rubber chip seal was used, but due to public opposition, asphalt rubber hot mix was developed. Early trial sections in 1989 were successful and overlay program was initiated to maintain City streets. Overlay program has been very successful. In order to compare asphalt rubber hot mix overlays with other alternatives, trial sections were placed on a 2.5 mile(4 km) project on Dobbins Road. Details of various sections and observations taken over 15 year’s period are discussed.

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