Dense Graded Asphalt Rubber in Cold Climate Conditions

Authors: Thorsten Nordgren, Anders Tykesson



In the end of May 2011, approximately 3500 metric tons of asphalt rubber mix was placed on road E12 in northern Sweden with the aim to evaluate whether Asphalt Rubber is a suitable approach to fulfill the need for long-life pavements with good flexibility in this part of the country. Because of good experiences with dense graded, soft binder asphalt mixes, a dense graded Asphalt Rubber mix with soft base binder was developed. This product, along with a regular gap-graded Asphalt Rubber mix and a reference dense graded asphalt mix was manufactured and paved during the project. The pavement looks visually promising. Initial functional testing is completed with promising results, and additional testing will be completed during spring 2012.


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