Comparison Between Various Bituminous Binders Modified With Crumb Tyre Rubber

Authors: D. Lo Presti, N. Memon | G. Airey, J.R.A. Grenfell



The aim of this paper is to show how the rheology, the performance and the storage stability of different bituminous binders, obtained from two bitumens with different asphaltenes content, change their properties when they are modified with recycled tyre crumb rubber. Physical, chemical and performance characterisation followed by rheological and storage stability analyses have been undertaken as the basis for the comparison. The results
of the investigation indicate that bitumen with lower asphaltenes content is more influenced by the modification with the rubber. However, the modification of the bitumen with the higher asphaltenes content gives a binder with better performance and storage stability. Moreover, results shows that the addition of a certain amount of oil extender to the bitumens reduces the effect of the modification and has no positive effect on storage stability.

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