Crumb Rubber From Scrap Tyres For Use in Asphalt Pavements in the UK

Authors: Robert J Hewson



An examination of the potential advantages and disadvantages of scrap tyre crumb rubber in road construction (Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt, CRMA), in comparison to traditional asphalt. The paper highlights the economic influence of UK government initiatives such as the Landfill Tax, Aggregate Tax and proposed Incineration Tax before
considering the financial implications of the performance of CRMA in comparison to traditional asphalt and the potential reduction in pavement thickness and increase in service life. Examining the friction properties and cold weather performance of the pavement as well as environmental and noise pollution issues and the subject of scrap tyre recycling: The paper brings together research, experience and best practise from around the globe to draw
conclusions for the suitability of CRMA on the UK road network.

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