Comparison of 2012 NCAT Test Track Green Group Control Section and Rubber Experiment Section

Authors: J. Richard Willis, Carolina Rodezno, Tyler Mitchell, Michael Vrtis, David Timm



As a part of the 2012 National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Pavement Test Track’s new research cycle, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) sponsored a study which evaluated the performance of ground tire rubber (GTR) modified asphalt pavements. Section S13 was constructed which incorporated GTR in each lift of the asphalt pavement. These mixtures were then compared to N5 which was comprised of mixtures commonly seen as the state of the practice. Plant mix was sampled during construction and taken to the NCAT laboratory for performance testing to assess how each mixture would behave in a laboratory setting. Specimens were fabricated and subjected to dynamic modulus, beam fatigue, and asphalt pavement analyzer APA testing to assess mixture stiffness, fatigue resistance, and rutting performance. Field data also lead one to believe these rubber-modified mixtures will perform well. It was determined based on laboratory and field data that GTR modification of asphalt concrete pavements can improve pavement performance.

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