Asphalt rubber pavements in Poland

Authors: Adam Bisek | Lukasz Skotnicki



More and more roads in the US and Europe are built in the rubber asphalt technology. BISEK Company, after several years of cooperation with Wroclaw Technology University and Clemson University of South Carolina (USA), introduced asphalt mixtures modified with rubber granulate into the production and rubber asphalt roads are built in Poland since 2005. During this ten years many sections of new covers were performed in Poland, Czech Republic and in Quebec (Canada). Paper presents results of practical use of different mixes (SMA, SAMI and Mastic Asphalt) on the base of rubber modified bitumen. Modified asphalts were used to design new materials – Stone matrix asphalts (SMA), with rubber modification. These materials were tested on rutting, fatigue and water resistant. Tests results were compared to technical requirements for SMA layers use in Poland. It was found that rubber modified stone matrix asphalts had better properties that conventional materials and they can be implement to road engineering.

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