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Malaga, Spain




Malaga is a historic city which has the greatest industrial and economic development in ANDALUCIA. It is the capital of the SOUTH SUMMIT INNOVATION and the headquarters of SMART ROAD.





A 500 word or less abstract to be submitted by

30th October 2020



Please download here the required Abstract template for submission.


Abstract should be sent to:

Secretary - Fernanda Barros

e-mail - rar2021@consulpav.com






The Conference is looking for rubberized asphalt and asphalt rubber papers that fall in any of the following categories:


*      Studies demonstrating the energy savings and CO2 savings that society derives when asphalt rubber or rubberized mixes are used in pavement strategies;

*      Reports on demonstration projects using rubberized or asphalt rubber mixes;

*      New methods of testing of rubberized asphalt binders;

*      PG grading of rubberized asphalt binders

*      Mechanical testing of asphalt hot mixes (wet, dry, semi-wet, and hybrid) containing rubberized asphalt binders);

*      Paving uses of rubberized and asphalt rubber asphalt binders with any types of mixes, dense graded, gap, open, SMA and others;

*      Preservation strategies using of rubberized asphalts and asphalt rubber binders such as seal coats, slurry seals, all others;

*      New innovative methods of making, applying or constructing with rubberized asphalt or asphalt rubber;

*      Environmental applications of rubberized asphalt and asphalt rubber such as to reduce noise or saving energy;

*      General discussions about scrap tire rubber as applied to rubberized asphalt or asphalt rubber;


As can be seen the RAR2021 Conference is casting as broad a net as possible regarding rubberized asphalt rubber papers.


Authors are advised that English is the Conference language. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Typically, the papers should be no more than 20 pages in length. Authors are encouraged to include figures in color. Authors will be advised if they should prepare an Abstract by October 30th, 2020, a paper by February 15th, 2021 and Final Submission of corrected paper by March 30th 2021. Accepted papers will be included in the Conference book and on a CD. On behalf of the Conference we look forward to the RAR2021 Conference being the most comprehensive Conference on the beginning of a new era of Rubberized Asphalt Rubber usage.



Key dates





October 30 th 2020


NOVEMBER 15th, 2020

Paper Submission

February 15th, 2021

Paper Acceptance

March 30th, 2021




All papers must be reviewed and submitted to printer for book of Conference Proceedings by June 1st 2021



Conference General Scope


RAR2021 will focus on any and all rubberized asphalt materials containing scrap tire rubber, from a low percentage such as 5 percent to higher percentages above even 24 percent. Since there have been so many recent significant changes in the testing, specifying and application of scrap tire rubber in asphalt this Conference’s focus is literally on all types of asphalt binders or asphalt hot mixes containing any percentage of scrap tire rubber, as well as both wet and dry applications. In addition both generic and proprietary rubberized asphalt products can be reported. Case studies, environmental effects and benefits, cost effectiveness of many paving construction materials and techniques will be presented.

The City of MALAGA has been a pioneer in the implementation of so many new technologies and MALAGA is a good ambassador of the environment with events like the GREEN CITIES, as such it is the perfect setting to host RAR2021.

Spain is one of the countries with great experience in asphalt rubber, MALAGA 2021 is a good forum for the world to learn from its experiences.

During each conference, the attendees, that have ranged from 200 to 550, stay for 3 days where peer review paper presentations bring to the audience the latest developments in the field. Those papers are all part to the paper proceedings compiled in a book and available on line at




When appropriate technical trips are arranged to particular important project or construction sites or plants.




Technical Committee



Dr. Jorge Sousa (USA)

George B. Way, P.E. (USA)

Prof. Juan Gallego (Spain)

Prof. Alex Visser (South Africa)

Prof. Herve Di Benedetto (France)

Prof. Kamil Kaloush (USA)

Prof. Peter Sebaaly (USA)

Prof. Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri (Índia)

Prof. Rongji Cao (China)

Prof. Jorge Pais (Portugal)

Dr. John A. D’Angelo (USA)

Prof. Luis Guillermo Loria-Salazar (Costa Rica)

Prof. Nader Tabatabaee (IRAN)

Prof. John Harvey (USA)

Prof. Davide Lo Presti (Italy)

Prof. Louay N. Mohammad (USA)

Prof. Gabriele Tebaldi (Italy)

Prof. Ezio Santagata (Italy)

Prof. Ana Rodriguez – Alloza (Spain)

Prof. Sabine Leischne (Germany)

Prof. Silvia Caro (Colombia)

Prof. Jo Sias (USA)

Dr. Maydanova Natalya (Russia)

Dr. Mona Nourelhuda (Sudan)

Prof. Manfred N. Partl (Switzerland)

Prof. Márcio Muniz (Brazil)

Dr. Shakir Shatnawi (USA)

Thorsten Nordgren (Sweden)

Prof. Zhongyin Guo (China)

Prof. Mena I. Souliman (USA)

Manuel Salas Casanova (Spain)

Prof. Elie Hajj (USA)

Prof. Luis Picado (Portugal)

Prof. Johannes Hartmut Beckedahl (Germany)

Prof. Junan Shen (USA)

Prof. Michael P. Wistuba (Germany)

Ir. Mohd Hzam Bin Harun (Malaysia)

Prof. Christina Plati (Greece)

Prof. Jose Marcobal (Spain)







The Conference Chairman’s of MALAGA RAR2021 will be





Dr. Jorge B. Sousa

George Way, PE

Prof. Juan Gallego





It will have the administrative support of







 Arizona State University

 University of Nevada, Reno




















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