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Dr. Jorge Sousa
George B. Way, P.E. 
Prof. Alex Visser 
(South Africa) 
Dr. Jorge Sousa 
George B. Way, P.E. 
Prof. Alex Visser 
(South Africa) 
Dr. Jorge Sousa (USA) 

Prof. Alex Visser (South Africa) 

George B. Way, P.E. (USA) 

Prof. Herve Di Benedetto (France) 

Prof. Johannes Hartmut Beckedahl (Germany) 

Dr. John A. D'Angelo (USA) 

Prof. Jorge Pais (Portugal) 

Prof. Juan Gallego (Spain) 

Prof. Junan Shen (USA) 

Prof. Kamil Kaloush (USA)

Prof. Luis Guillermo Loria-Salazar (Costa Rica)

Prof. Nader Tabatabaee (IRAN)

Prof. John Harvey (USA)

Dr. Davide Lo Presti (UK)
Prof. Louay N. Mohammad (USA) 

Prof. Manfred N. Partl (Switzerland) 

Prof. Márcio Muniz (Brazil) 

Prof. Michael P. Wistuba (Germany) 

Dr. Rongji Cao (China) 

Dr. Shakir Shatnawi USA) 

Thorsten Nordgren (Sweden) 

Prof. Zhongyin Guo (China) 

Dr. Mena I. Souliman (USA) 

Prof. Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri (Índia)

Manuel Salas Casanova (Spain)

Prof. Gabriele Tebaldi (Italy)

Prof. Ezio Santagata (Italy)

Delivery Dates

Final papers 
will be due by 
March 15, 2018

Accepted papers will be included in the 
Conference book and on a CD
The Conference is looking for rubberized asphalt and asphalt rubber papers that fall in any of the following categories:
- Studies demonstrating the energy savings and CO2 savings that society drives when asphalt rubber or rubberized mixes are used in pavement strategies;
- Reports on demonstration projects using rubberized or asphalt rubber mixes;
- New methods of testing of rubberized asphalt binders;
- PG grading of rubberized asphalt binders;
- Mechanical testing of asphalt hot mixes (wet, dry and hybrid) containing rubberized asphalt binders);
- Paving uses of rubberized and asphalt rubber asphalt binders with any types of mixes, dense graded, gap, open, SMA and others;
- Preservation strategies using of rubberized asphalts and asphalt rubber binders such as seal coats, slurry seals, all others;
- New innovative methods of making, applying or constructing with rubberized asphalt or asphalt rubber;
- Environmental applications of rubberized asphalt and asphalt rubber such as to reduce noise or saving energy;
- General discussions about scrap tire rubber as applied to rubberized asphalt or asphalt rubber;

As can be seen the RAR2018 Conference is casting as broad a net as possible regarding rubberized asphalt rubber papers.

Authors are advised that English is the Conference language. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Typically the papers should be no more than 20 pages in length. Authors are encouraged to include figures in color. Authors will be advised if they should prepare a paper by October 31, 2017 and final papers will be due by March 15, 2018. Accepted papers will be included in the Conference book and on a CD. On behalf of the Conference we look forward to the RAR2018 Conference being the most comprehensive Conference on the beginning of a new era of Rubberized Asphalt Rubber usage. 
Title of the ABSTRACTS accepted for RAR2018
  • Performance of Tire Rubber-Modified Asphalt Emulsion in Cold In-Place Recycled Mixtures
  • Mechanistic Fatigue Analysis And Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation Of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures
  • Evaluation of the fatigue and low temperature performance of rubber modified bitumen using DSR tests results
  • Poroelastic Road Surfaces - State of The Art
  • An Environmental Application For Rubberized Asphalt Binders: Saving Energy By Incorporating Warm Mix Asphalt Additives
  • Asphalt Rubber Experiences In Texas
  • Marginal high porosity volcanic aggregates in asphalt-rubber hot mixes
  • Asphalt-Rubber Mixtures With Warm Mix Asphalt Technology And High Porosity Volcanic Aggregates
  • Noise Performances Rubber Asphalts Within Life Nereide Euproject
  • The Use Of Rubberized Asphalt Rubber In The Rehabilitation Of An Alkali-Silica Affected Jointed Concrete Pavement: A 30 Year Study Of Refection Cracking And Structural Performance
  • The Effect of Warm Mix Asphalt Additives on Compaction Temperatures of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures
  • Long Term Monitoring Of Road Noise Performances: Results On Some Experimental Rubberized Road Surfaces
  • First Rubberized Asphalt Warm Mix Section In Uruguay
  • An update of 13-year review of successful bitumen-rubber asphalt use in China
  • Re-evaluation after more than 15 years of service of bitumen rubber seals: The durable solutions for extending the life of structurally sound existing roads under increased traffic conditions
  • Rubberized Asphalt Benefitting Asphalt Pavements
  • Dependance Of Rheological Model Parameters On Rubber Particle Size And Amount
  • Performance Prediction Of Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixes Using The German Design Approach
  • Effect Of Dry Application On The Compactibility Of Warm And Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Retarding Crack Reflection Using Bitumen-Rubber Seals And Overlays
  • Laboratory investigation and numerical modelling of rubber swelling in bitumen
  • Fatigue Tests in Modified Binders and Gap-Graded Asphalt Mixtures with Reacted and Activated Rubber - RAR
  • Usage Of  Asphalt-Rubber  For Fatigue  Resistante Base Course
  • Laboratory and Field Experiences with Chemically Stabilized Rubber Bitumen (CSRB) in Hungary
  • Design and Construction of a Bitumen Rubber Asphalt Continuously Graded (Sand Skeleton) (BRAC) Overlay as a Pavement Preservation Treatment of an Aged Plain (unreinforced) Jointed Concrete Pavement without dowels (PJCP)
  • Multi-Scale Rheo-Mechanical Study Of Sma Mixtures Containing Fine Crumb Rubber In A New Dry-Hybrid Technology
  • Performance Characterization Of Reacted And Activated Rubber (Rar) Modified Gap Graded Asphalt Mixtures
  • Field Investigations On Asphalt-Rubber Gap-Graded (Ar-Gap) Pavements Placed On Highways In India
  • A Guide For Design, Production And Placemente Of Rubberized Asphalt Mixtures
  • Limiting Pre-Treatment In Preservation By Use Of A Bitumen Rubber Modified Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay
  • Implementation Of Asphalt-Rubber Mixtures For Airport Pavements In Colombia
  • Reacted And Activated Rubber Percentage Effect On Bitumen Properties
  • Thingap Mix Design With Reacted And Activated Rubberized Asphalt And Monitoring Of Pavement
  • Rubberized Asphalt Overlay Of Failed Concrete Pavement Using A Sami And Sma Containing A High Percentage Of Reacted And Activated Rubber
  • Rejuvination Mechanism Of Asphalt Mixtures Modified With Crumb Rubber
  • 35 Year of Experience. A Review Of Bitumen Rubber Seal Design And Performance
  • Properties of Activated Crumb Rubber Modified Binders
  • Reacted and Activated Rubber PG64-22 Binder Study
  • Reacted and Activated Rubber: Superpave Mix Design and Performance Testing
  • Reacted and Activated Rubber-An Elastomeric Asphalt Extender –Key Aspects and Case Studies
  • The Use of Pelletized Asphalt Rubber as na Alternative to the Wet Process Blending System
  • Applicability of Solubility Test Methods for Neat and Rubber Modified Asphalt Binders
  • High performance mixtures: two new technologies brought together, ThinGap with RAR designed with i-Mix Design, a new mix design approach
  • Value chain and market segment analysis of rubber asphalt in Sweden
  • Use of Rubber modified asphalt for long lasting pavements
  • Comparative Performance Analysis Between Single And Integrated Layers In Heavy Traffic Roads
  • Chemical and Rheological Investigation of Rubberized Asphalt Binders Produced with Different Methods
  • The History of Rubberized Asphalt in China and the Research Activities and New Applications in the Field
  • Reaction Process and Storage Stability of Pyrolysis Crumb Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt
  • From Small Local Roads To Major National Expressways - A Short Story On The Well-Thought-Out Development Of A Rubber-Asphalt Business Market In Poland
  • Improving The Storage Stability And Workability Of Gtr Modified Binder And Mixture Using Sasobit And Sulfur
  • Performance Evaluation Of Asphalt Rubber Type I And Type II In California
  • Are we correctly measuring the rotational viscosity of rubberized bituminous binders?
  • Development of new asphalt mixture ThinGap with Reacted and Activated Rubber in RAM
  • Inclusion Of Bitumen Rubber Binder In The New South African Performance-Grade Specification
  • Decreasing Co 2 Emissions By Reducing Tire Rolling Resistance 
  • The Experience of Application for Rubber Modified Asphalt Pave the Concrete Pavement





    RAR2018 Conference will be held 

    at the beautiful venue of 

    Kruger National  Park,

    at the Marriot Protea Hotel.

    ~ Preview ~

    Executive Secretariat 
    For more details about the conference please contact:

    Fernanda Barros

    E-mail: rar2018@consulpav.com
    Phone: +351 219 757 003
    Phone: +351 912 531 053

    Jacqui Oosthuyzen (SATC Secretariat)
    E-mail: satc.conference@gmail.com
    Phone:  + 27 83 324-9622

    Dr. Jorge Sousa (Chairman)
    E-mail: jorge.b.sousa@gmail.com

    George B. Way, P.E. (Co-Chairman)
    Email: wayouta@cox.net
    Phone: +1 (602) 710-8433
    Phone in the US 480-990-9451

    Prof. Alex Visser (Co-Chairman)
    Email: alex.visser@up.ac.za 
    After 15th July 2018 

    800 USD - International participants
     ZAR 8000 - South African participant
    Until 15th July 2018

    700 USD - International participant
     ZAR 7000 - South African participant

    Students  300 USD or ZAR 3000 equivalent

    ~ Preview ~

    Rubberized Asphalt Rubber 2018 (RAR2018) Conference Call for Papers

    The RAR2018 Conference is the 2018 installment of Asphalt Rubber Conferences. RAR2018 is the next Conference in the series of Asphalt Rubber Conferences which have included: AR2000 Portugal, AR2003 Brazil, AR2006 Palm Springs, AR2009 China, AR2012 Germany and RAR2015 Las Vegas. The name of the Conference has changed in recognition of the significant changes in the state of the art and practice that have taken place in the recycling of scrap tires in asphalt and asphalt paving. RAR2018 will be held in South Africa at Protea Hotel Kruger Gate, September 25-28, 2018.

    RAR2018 will focus on any and all rubberized asphalt materials containing scrap tire rubber, from a low percentage such as 5 percent to higher percentages above even 20 percent. Since there have been so many recent significant changes in the testing, specifying and application of scrap tire rubber in asphalt this Conference’s focus is literally on all types of asphalt binders or asphalt hot mixes containing any percentage of scrap tire rubber, as well as both wet and dry applications. In addition both generic and proprietary rubberized asphalt products can be reported.


    Since papers in the RAR2018 are all peer reviewed, we plan to  selected a number of them for further consideration and publication in the International Journal of Road Materials and Pavement Design (IJRMPD). The selected papers should be extended and completed before submission to RMPD.  This creates the potential opportunity for some of RAR2018’s high caliber papers to be included in future editions of IJRMPD.  The IJRMPD has a blind peer review process for accepting papers, and has substantial international distribution, and, above all it is indexed in SCI.  This could facilitate the dissemination of papers that would otherwise be confined to these proceedings and with somewhat limited distribution.  Therefore, it should be understood that papers that are being presented at this conference may be later accepted for the peer review and modification process of the IJRMPD prior to their printing. For those papers accepted later for publication by the IJRMPD, their inclusion here in the RAR2018 Proceedings should be considered as pre-publication drafts.

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