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Dr. Jorge B. Sousa, General Manager of Consulpav, Lda in Portugal, was invited to present a keynote speech at BHRC, October 2019 in Tehran, Iran entitled “Reality of Climate Change and its Impact on Transportation Infrastructure – How can we Mitigate those Effects using Asphalt Rubber.”


Hamidreza Sahebzamani,  Prof. Nader Tabatabaee, Dr. Jorge B. Sousa and Dr. Alireza Khavandi



Dr. Sousa also made another presentation entitled “New Concepts in Pavement Design,” in which reflective cracking design methods and Treatment Performance Capacity concepts were presented in which the clear advantages of using asphalt rubber and reacted and activated rubber in maintenance strategies was highlighted.



During his visit to the exhibition center, Minister of Roads, Mohammad Eslami, was introduced to the concepts of the roads built and maintained with reacted and activated rubber by Hamidreza Sahebzamani.


Hamidreza Sahebzamani, Minister of roads Mohammad Eslami, and Dr. Jorge.B. Sousa


The event was a huge success with more than 550 participants who were eager to ask innumerous questions at the end of each presentation.



Dr. Sousa feels very honored by the fantastic reception and warmth he received from the BHRC organization and especially by the kind words of the president of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Cente, Dr. Mohammed ShekarchiZadeh in a plaque he received.






All this was possible in large part thanks to the relationship of Dr. Jorge Sousa with Hamidreza Sahebzamani from Kandovan Pars, which is the representative of RARX (www.rarx.net) for IRAN. Kandovan Pars is a company that has been at the forefront of many innovations in road construction and maintenance in Iran, from recycling innovations to addition of new specific products to improve mix properties


Hamidreza Sahebzamani and Dr. Jorge B. Sousa



This trip was supported in part by the grant from the EU RARX, Silent Rubber Roads (silentrubberpave.eu).


A clearer vision of the diversity of the event can be seen in the video below.

It was a very successful event, and everyone’s participation at next year’s event is encouraged.


In the end, special thanks to Aghil Ghadim (the head of Iran asphalt institute), Dr.Moghadas Nejad, and Dr.Mansoorian for implementing this great congress at the highest level.









News by @consulpav Oct 2019/ backgroundphoto by mostafa meraji from Pexels