Traffic is Opened on The First Mexico Stretch of the

80 Km Piramides Highway to Tularcingo Carried Out



At the beginning of October, the first 11 kilometers of the work Piramides to Tularcingo in Mexico was opened to traffic. More specifically those between km 36 and km 47 of said route.

The work, under the concession of SACYR CONCESIONES and executed by SACYR CONSTRUCCIÓN, has marked a real technological milestone when running with a solution of asphalting with mixtures with high content in bitumen and crumb rubber from recycles tires thanks to the RARX additive.

In this section, about 400 tons have been used of RARX which has meant the use of 240 tn of crumb rubber and rubber reuse of more than 25,000 equivalent used wheels.

This, together with the fact that said technique allows the optimization of the pavements, allows to assure a reduction of the carbon footprint of said work, with an absolute environmental improvement in the whole process.

In addition, the high quality of the firm and its high content of bitumen modified with the additive RARx, allows to have a guarantee of greater durability of the asphalts.

The existing road needed rehabilitation…..



The optimized RARX solution, similar to an Arizona Asphalt Rubber Gap graded concept, permitted reduction of overlay thickness and decrease in construction times.



SACYR continues with the execution of the rest of the sections, of a work that includes a total of 80 kilometers of freeway with the same constructive solution with RARX. At the end of this work, it is estimated that more than 150,000 tires will have been reused, which gives an idea of ​​the positive impact to the environment brought about by the usage of RARX in paving and road rehabilitation.



THE SACYR GROUP and CIRTEC have presented this technology at the Congresses of the AMACC in Tijuana and the IRF in Mexico City, informing Mexico of this new technology that will allow them to develop their industry with environmentally friendly roads.


Miguel Sanz Coll

Asphalt Rubber Ambassador for Spain